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    Connect your website to the Linked Data Cloud, take advantage of a domain specific dictionary to semantically enhance your content. Contact us for more information. (PREMIUM ONLY)

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    Get started with WordLift

    To get started with WordLift, download and install the Plug-in. Once you’ve installed WordLift you’ll get access to all the enjoyable features below.

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  • Get started with WordLift

    We developed WordLift with love because we believe that your Website deserves a special place in the Semantic Web. Download and install the Plug-in to get started.

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About WordLift

WordLift 3.0 Preview: Dynamic Semantic Publishing for WordPress

Sign up on http://join.wordlift.it and be among the first to try it out!

Map concept to any domain specific dictionary (PREMIUM ONLY)

Enrich your textual knowledge with any dictionary (SKOS thesaurus) available on the linked data cloud or inside your organisation.

Super-charge your on-site search with semantic search (PREMIUM ONLY)

Provide a cloud-based faceted search for your website using semantic technologies, auto-categorization and top-notch performances.

Interactive visualizations

Provide a new user experience and engage your audience with effective navigation patterns: treemap, geo-map and entity list are available as add-on widgets.

Publish your entity pages

Tag your posts and go live with your entity page for a quick snapshot of all you have to say about the latest movie, your favourite band or...your beloved cat. Connect contents to entities and get them closer to your readers.

Connect your site with the Linked Data Cloud

Let your visitors ask meaning-driven questions about your contents using SPARQL query language.

Attract more search traffic

Be more relevant by tagging your pages with schema.org: a vocabulary designed by search engine (SEO) to provide eye-catching SERP data. You can now instantly review and markup old posts and pages.

Multi-language support

Enhance contents written in English, 中文 (Chinese), Español (Spanish), Русский (Russian), Português (Portuguese), Deutsch (German), Italiano (Italian), Nederlands (Dutch), Svenska (Swedish) and Dansk (Danish).

Organize your contents using "Concepts" (or Entities)

Build the information structure of your website using entities (“concepts”), curate and edit your own knowledge graph.

Plans & pricing

€ 0
1 month
DBpedia Content Enrichment
SKOS Enrichment not included
30 posts/pages analysis
Unlimited Entities
5 Entity Types supported
(Person, Creative Work, Organization, Event, Places)
3 Widgets
(Entity list, Geo-map and Treemap)
3 months
DBpedia Content Enrichment
3rd parties SKOS Enrichment
180 posts/pages analysis
Unlimited Entities
5 Entity Types supported + 1 Custom
(Person, Creative Work, Organization, Event, Places, Custom)
4 Widgets
(Entity list, Geo-map, Treemap, Timeline)
6 months
DBpedia Content Enrichment
3rd parties SKOS/Linked Data Enrichment
Unlimited analysis
Unlimited Entities
Unlimited Types
5 Widgets
(Entity list, Geo-map, Treemap, Timeline, Faceted Search)
Semantic Search UI

Our awesome team


  • How can I add the authorship markup?
    By installing WordLift you will be able to add schema.org markup required by Google to associate your posts to your Google+ identity. It only takes few simple steps:
    1. install and configure WordLift,
    2. enable the in-depth mark-up from WordLift options,
    3. set the Google+ IDs in the Users page of your WordPress blog.
  • How do I get my API-Key?
    To grab an existing API-Key or to generate a new one, follow these steps:

    1. go to the Register/Login section in the WordLift menu on the Dashboard
    2. register using your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter account or choose login, password and e-mail by clicking "Click here to register"
    3. enter the Consumer Key and hit the Save button

    API-Key provide full access to your WordLift account, so always keep them secure.
  • Can I use WordLift on other blogging platforms other then WordPress?
    WordLift is powered by RedLink a semantic enrichment platform that is currently available for Drupal, Typo3, Alfresco and OpenCMS. Get in contact with us for more information, we'll be happy to help.
  • Which version of WordPress do you support?
    We currently support WordPress 3.3.0 or higher.
  • What is an “entity”?
    An entity is something that exists in the real-world: celebrities, cities, sports teams, buildings, geographical features, movies, celestial objects and works of art are all entities. WordLift by reading your posts and pages understands the real-world entities associated with your contents as well as their relationships —in geek-speak— it builds a “graph” of your website.

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